The Ginger Light Workshops combining Poetry and Creative Sound Design


The highly acclaimed poet and novelist Jeremy Reed, together with his musical collaborator, Gerry McNee, as the Ginger Light, offer their combined creative experience in their unique genre of combining spoken word with creative sound design,


in workshops specifically designed, and individually tailored for individuals, charities, schools, colleges, adult education, independent and corporate businesses and communities.


As practitioners, rather than theorists, and with Jeremy Reed described by the Independent as ‘British poetry’s glam, spangly, shape-shifting answer to David Bowie’, and by J.G Ballard as ‘the most exciting poet at work today,’ the Ginger Light offer as part of their creative consultancy, and as adjustable to each group’s needs, workshops to help enhance and stimulate individual creativity through image-making, liberating creative pathways, group interaction in the discussion of poetry, song lyrics and music, the shared analysis of individual work brought to the space, either as poetry, prose or music, plus a performance by the Ginger Light as exemplifying their own highly original skills as multi media performers.




We offer community through feedback given to participants, both within and outside the workshop, and an expert, friendly, sympathetic basis of working designed to help the individual in whatever group maximize on their creative potential, open new gateways into productivity, and to share with others that best of all altered states – poetic imagination, and its interaction with music.


A Ginger Light workshop, extending over a day, comprises the following schedule.


10.00 - Introductory talk


10.30 – 12.00 - Exchange of work, interpretation, interacting with tutors and an open group discussion.


12.00 – 1.00 - Break for lunch.


1.00- 15. - Performance by the Ginger Light.


1.15-3.00. - A group decision as to their favourite poem, or piece of prose, the option to read individual work to the group, plus the choice of the favourite poem being set to music.


3.00- 3.20. - A break for tea, during which the group’s chosen poem will be musically interpreted by Gerry McNee.


3.20 – 5.00. - An open question and answers time empowering the group to fully interact with themselves, and their tutors in analysing work, talking about their individual needs, and their persuasion towards creativity, and introducing works that may have influenced them, as well as cementing a lasting bond with their tutors.



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