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By The Fisheries
Jonathan Cape 1984
Jonathan Cape 1985
Selected Poems
Penguin 1987
Engaging Form
Jonathan Cape 1988

Nineties Jonathan Cape 1990
Red Haired Android Harper Collins 1992 City Lights 1993
Kicks Creation Books 1994
Pop Stars with Mick Rock Enitharmon Press 1995
Sweet Sister Lyric Enitharmon Press 1996
Saint Billie Enitharmon Press 2000
Patron Saint of Eyeliner Creation Books 2000
Heartbreak Hotel Orion 2002
Duck and Sally Inside Enitharmon Press 2006
Orange Sunshine SAF 2006
This Is How You Disappear Enitharmon Press 2007
West End Survival Kit Waterloo Press 2009

Bona Drag Shearsman 2010

Piccadilly Bongo with Marc Almond Enitharmon Press 2010




The Lipstick Boys Entharmon Press 1984
Blue Rock Jonathan Cape 1987
Red Eclipse Jonathan Cape 1989
Inhabiting Shadows Peter Owen 1990
Isidore Peter Owen 1991
When The Whip Comes Down Peter Owen 1992
Chasing Black Rainbows Peter Owen 1994
The Pleasure Chateau Creation Books 1994
Diamond Nebula Peter Owen 1995
Red Hot Lipstick Peter Owen 1996
Sister Midnight Creation Books 1997
Dorian Peter Owen 1998
The Purple Room Creation Books 2000
Boy Caesar Peter Owen 2004
The Grid Peter Owen 2008








Non Fiction and Biography
Madness The Price of Poetry Peter Owen 1989
Delirium: Rimbaud Peter Owen 1990
Lipstick Sex and Poetry Peter Owen 1991
Bitter Blue Peter Owen 1994
Waiting For The Man - Lou Reed Picador 1995
Marc Almond The Last Star Creation Books 1995
Angels, Divas and Black Listed Heroes Peter Owen 1997
Scott Walker Another Tear Falls Creation Books 1998
Brian Jones The Last Decadent Creation Books 1999

Adored and Explored:Marc Almond with Jamie Macleod Creation Books 2000

Born To Lose: Jean Genet Creation Books 2005
A Stranger On Earth: Anna Kavan Peter Owen 2006
John Stephen King of Carnaby Street and the 1960s Look Haus 2009

The Big Orange Day With Lisa Wilkerson

(a collaboration between a photographer and a poet) Orange Sunshine Poetry 2010